The Strip

It is 6.4 km or 4 mile long. It hosts thousands of motorists every week and it is in the heart of the entertainment, gambling and vacation capital of the world, Las Vegas. Yes, we are talking about the spectacularly amazing, the breathtaking and jewelled, Las Vegas Strip. Every year an amazing 31 million people are drawn towards the beauty of the well lit Strip.

The Strip is technically a stretch of the Las Vegas Boulevard South and connects the areas of Paradise and Winchester. Only a very small portion of the Strip is actually in the proper Vegas city. The Strip accommodates over a whopping 67,000 rooms spread over several posh Hotels and Resorts, including a majority of those which top the charts in the world’s largest in terms of rooms. The entertainment attractions on the strip are varied and many. From restaurants, to casinos, from golf courses to shopping spots, you ask for it and the Strip shall not disappoint you.

The first hotel that opened on the strip was way back in 1941 called the El Rancho Vegas which stood for glorious 20 years before it was destroyed by a nasty fire. Since then, there have been an array of hotels and casinos that have opened there. Some famous ones include the 152 room Casino Royale, the Four Seasons with 424 rooms, Sahara with 1,720 rooms (opened in 1952), the well known Monte Carlo and the world’s second biggest hotel, MGM Grand with 5,000 rooms!

But if you thought that the Strip is only for the gamblers, you have another thought coming. Some world famous shopping attractions are also housed on and around the strip. The world’s largest gift store, the Bonanza Gift Store is in this area and so is the Grand Canal Shoppes.

Transportation on the Strip is also very well organised to suit the vacationers. The famous Las Vegas Mono Rail runs on the eastern side of the strip. There are free shuttles that ferry people on the Strip and run on regular intervals from hotels to hotels. However, walking along the strip is the best way to enjoy its scenic beauty. The breath taking sights are surely going to mesmerize you and a lot of efforts have been put by the establishments of the area to make the roads pedestrian friendly.

In all, a visit to the Las Vegas Strip is a lifetime experience and something that should be in the list of places that must be visited at least once in the lifetime