Las Vegas Mono Rail

It all began with a vision. A vision to connect two hotels MGM Grand and the famous Bally’s Hotel, a vision to create a mile long transportation system to ferry people from one end to another. Although it started in 1993, by 1997 the Nevada State authorized a legal legislation allowing private players to own, operate and charge for the usage of the monorail.

By 2000, the monorail, formerly known as MGM Grand-Bally’s Monorail, turned into a nonprofit venture with the establishment of the Las Vegas Mono Rail Company. Today, the network encompasses a massive stretch of 6.3 kilometers in the gambling capital of the world. It however, doesn’t enter the Las Vegas city, only connects Paradise and Winchester communities. It is one of the most sophisticated, safe and advance transportation systems in the world today and has transported a staggering 27 million people from the day it started functioning.

As far as the ticket prices go, they are minimal, just USD 5 for single ride, USD 12 for a day and USD 28 for three days. These are so because of the nonprofit nature of the transportation system. Even the timings of the train service is such that it benefits the customers, 7 am to 2 am during weekdays and 7 am to 3 am during weekends.

Safety of the transportation system and especially of the travelers is of utmost importance and all efforts have been made to ensure that. There are CCTV cameras in every nook and corner of the entire stretch, from ticket vending machines to escalators and platforms. The unarmed and armed professional security guards are alert 24 X 7 to answer any threats and help out the commuters. The system even boasts a dedicated canine unit to meet any eventualities related to explosives. The ‘officers’ of the unit are well trained.

The Monorail system is handicapped friendly and has special provisions to help out people with disabilities. From wheelchair to motorized scooters, you name and the stations have been provided with it to ensure a comfortable journey for one and all. Children under the age of five years can be escorted through the fare gates free of cost by any paid adults.

The system undergoes regular maintenance and expansion is underway to include more areas. Presently, connecting it to the McCarran International Airport is the primary aim of the authorities and this project should be accomplished soon. In all, it shall be a pleasurable experience, riding with the Las Vegas Monorail System.